Power the next generation of video experiences


Personalize customer experiences with video

Turn your customers into advocates with delightfully shareable experiences.
Think Facebook's personalized birthday videos or Spotify's year in review for your app.

Full-stack creative optimization for video ads

Turnkey capabilities for the customization of professionally-designed
visual media, delivery to media platforms, and AI-driven creative insights.

APIs and dedicated support to start fast

Interfaces and support services to help you get up and running with
on-demand mass-customization for visual media and ads.

Bring creative and media together

Indivio automates existing workflows with the professional tools you already use, powered by real-time data and AI to keep you
on-brand and relevant at scale.

Video-first automation capabilities

Dynamic Video Creative

Streamline social campaign activation, QA, and refreshes by using feeds to drive dynamic creative and ads templates.

Bring Your
Own Data

Integrate dynamic pricing, product details,
geo-location, or other audience-specific data into your video creatives from multiple sources.

AI-Assisted Tagging

Ask better questions about creative performance using AI to extract dozens of attributes instead of tagging by hand.

Accelerated Creative Testing

Test multiple variables in videos at the same time to get answers faster than A/B split testing.

Video Experiences

Create fully-automated and compliant media programs that integrate multiple data sources with rules-based creative customization.

Creative Insights

Act immediately based on data-driven insights to quickly refresh in-flight creatives and optimize performance.

Ready to make video work better for you?