Relevance in Today's New Reality

COVID-19 has forced people across the world into new ways of working, socializing, and prioritizing health.


During this pandemic, the health and safety of our global community is the number one priority.  People are seeking acknowledgement, empathy, reassurances, and relevant information from the businesses they trust.  It’s more important than ever to be responsive in adapting your messaging for a rapidly-changing environment. 


But it isn’t easy for brands to quickly adapt to this changing environment when teams are stuck within slow, expensive creative and marketing processes. Marketers need new technology that makes it easy to quickly adjust strategies and messaging to maintain relevance.


Indivio helps marketers quickly create and optimize social campaigns using on-brand dynamic personalization for video.  Video’s combination of sight, sound, and motion is unmatched when it comes to fostering relevant, engaging experiences across every consumer touchpoint.


With Indivio, brands can transform how they leverage video to connect with customers and successfully navigate the new COVID-19 landscape.

Make your marketing more responsive, and ultimately, more impactful.

Indivio's Creative Optimization Platform

Connect creative

with data

Leverage powerful automation between industry-standard tools that enhances data and feeds for more relevant social advertising.

Create personalized
ads at scale

Get new messages in-market faster and proactively fight ad fatigue with creative refreshes across all Facebook ad formats.

Optimize with better
creative insights

Inform optimization strategies by running more creative variations and tracking important attributes to gain deeper creative insights.

Dynamic personalization
across verticals and use cases


Create on-brand videos that dynamically pull in unique selling propositions from product feeds and landing pages, prices, reviews, discounts, and more.

Geo / Local Offers

Scale market-specific creative that optimizes for location-specific details while preserving branding.

Creative Refreshes

Fight ad fatigue and proactively plan for ongoing creative refreshes to maintain performance without burdening creative teams.

Mass Personalization

Serve audiences compelling,
relevant creative based on variables
you want to test.

Ready to make video work better for you?

Q3 Offer Details

Support for both images and video in all aspect ratios

  • Placement Asset Customization (PAC)

  • Segment Asset Customization (SAC)

  • Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

  • Dynamic Ads for Products (DPA)

  • Dynamic Travel Ads (DAT - flights and hotel)

  • Dynamic Automotive Ads (DAA)

$5k/month ($2.5k setup fee waived is 33% off first month)

500 creatives/month

3-month commit (annual commitment for new clients waived)


Ad account access

New clients only

United States only

Commence by 09/30/20



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