Reduce advertising cost with AI

Accelerate the entire creative optimization lifecycle using automation and
use AI to ask better questions and learn faster than A/B testing alone. 
Adapt creative quickly based on data-driven insights. 

Ready to take control of your creative optimization workflow?

Bring creative and media together

Indivio automates existing workflows with the professional tools you already use, powered by real-time data and AI to keep you
on-brand and relevant at scale.

Video-first automation capabilities

Dynamic Video Creative

Streamline social campaign activation, QA, and refreshes by using feeds to drive dynamic creative and ads templates.

AI-Assisted Tagging

Ask better questions about creative performance using AI to extract dozens of attributes instead of tagging by hand.

Full-Funnel Video Personalization

Leverage modern media strategies across the entire customer journey using the latest performance-focused ad formats and API-only features.

82.96% 94.74% 91.33%

Accelerated Creative Testing

Test multiple variables in videos at the same time to get answers faster than A/B split testing.

Video Experiences

Create fully-automated and compliant media programs that integrate multiple data sources with rules-based creative customization.

Creative Insights

Act immediately based on data-driven insights to quickly refresh in-flight creatives and optimize performance.

Ready to make video work better for you?